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What types of services does Zooboing offer?

  • The short answer is we offer Architectural computer 3D renderings & animations, Graphic Design and high impact Photoshop illustration and presentations for architects, engineers, developers, and contractors.
  • For a more detailed listing of services visit the services page of our site.


What advantages are there with hiring Zooboing?

  • Our architectural education, training, and work experience helps us understand your needs. It also helps us understand your drawings and communicate with you as an industry professional.
  • Our design and presentation education, training and work experience allows us to produce dynamic graphics and presentations which will help you communicate your building to your client.
  • Zooboing orients its services towards architects, developers, contractors and realtors. Zooboing's founder, Patrick Hoesly, understands the needs of this industry and the tight deadlines you are under. As such he can relate to you and your firm, can read your drawings, and can visualize your designs. All of this means that he can deliver accurate, quality renderings, on time and on budget for your project.


When is the right time to hire a 3D modeler / artist / illustrator?

  • Anytime! Zooboing offers the ability to join your team at any stage of the design process. At Schematic Design we can work with your designers to quickly create massing models, explore sun/shadow studies, and view material pallets. At Design Development, we have the ability to model in greater detail to help you nail down the overall design (animation, material, context, true shadows, etc are all good options at this stage).
  • During the construction documents phase, our models can be easily imported into CAD and used as the base for elevations, sections, roof plans and floor plans thus saving you time & money.
  • At any point in your process, Zooboing can present your design using Photorealism, or non-Photorealistic presentation styles. View Zooboing's portfolio.



What Our Clients Are Saying...

I own a small architectural and engineering firm. My firm is based on giving our clients personal attention thus creating long lasting relationships with them. Zooboing epitomizes this approach. They make a great addition to our project team.
- Brian Foxworthy, Incite Design Studio

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